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Spring was supposed to have sprung, but it didn't. One day into spring and we got hit with a snowstorm.

New Yorkers in a panic are heading to the grocery stores to stock up on supplies. I am no different, coming home with the gourmet essentials for a cozy day inside. Pork shoulder, dried porcini mushrooms, and a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape were on my list. If you can't leave the house, you might as well make the most of it, right?

Braising is my go to cold weather cooking method. The pork shoulder is seared, then degreased, before aromatics are caramelized in a pat of fresh butter. Next, a touch of flour is added to make a roux in the pan before everything is deglazed and chicken stock is added. The reconstituted porcinis join the party, and a long, slow simmer ensues. When the pork is nearly tender, the carrots are added and everything cooked for an additional 30 minutes to further soften the meat and cook the carrots through, without allowing them to fall apart. Crack open the bottle of wine and serve rice on the side to soak up the rich sauce, and you're set. Who needs spring anyway?



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