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LA Hits List

We were on a tight schedule, with only two and a half weeks in Los Angeles to record the new Jeremy and The Harlequins record from start to finish.

Mornings usually began with a blaring alarm clock around 8:00 am, way earlier than I ever like to wake up. A quick jog, shower, and cup of coffee, and it was time to hop in a car to the studio.

The only real free time was our lunch break and the few hours after we finished recording or mixing for the day - usually about 8:00 pm, until going to sleep around midnight to start the routine all over again.

We made the most of our meals, though, with only a few duds in the mix. Of all the restaurants, several stood out as the hits, restaurants I will definitely be going back to on my next trip back west. Here they are:

Dune- Located next to our AirBnb in Atwater Village, Dune was the restaurant we visited more than any other. Everything was good here. The falafel was among the best I've ever eaten - the avocado toast, piled high with ripe avocado and confit tomatoes, and add ons including Bulgarian feta, an 8 minute egg, etc., was amazing. Can't wait to return.

Guisados- Easily some of the best tacos around. Start with the sampler- six mini tacos to let you taste a variety of meats and flavors. Additionally, the shrimp tacos were excellent. Everything comes wrapped in fresh, homemade tortillas.

Taix- This classic LA institution I've driven by dozens of times but had never been in, until now. First opened in 1927, this family owned French is about as untrendy as a restaurant comes in LA, which is a very good thing. On Monday nights, the night I went on, the special is a filet with sauce béarnaise, vegetable, and baked potato. Everything was cooked perfectly, seasoned well, and the staff was awesome. The wine list is a deal too!

Philippe The Original- For as many times as I've been to LA, I can't believe I've never been here. Another classic LA spot since 1908, Philippe's is credited with creating the "French Dipped Sandwich." I went with the classic beef double dipped, but other meat options include lamb, turkey, pork, etc. Make sure to try the potato salad, coleslaw, pickles, pickled eggs, and beets. The wines by the glass were surprisingly good too. PS: It's a good idea to go non-peak hours to avoid huge lines.



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