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Italian Night

I love dinner themes. Just like when hosting a party, a theme points you in a direction. Costume party, Bastille Day, 1920s, whatever, I'm for it.

As for dinner themes, I've done movie themes, comfort foods, French, and Spanish themes, and now, Italian Night.

On the menu is my take on a Caprese Salad , Sliced Tomatoes and Mozzarella on a bed of Basil Pesto, drizzled with Olive Oil, Cracked Pepper, and Coarse Salt, accompanied by Sardines in Olive Oil, and finally, my version of Pasta alla Norma, Sicilian Eggplant and Tomato Sauce over Campanelle Pasta, finished with plenty of fresh Basil and Cheese. Not only is the food Italian, but so are all of the wines, and also the music. Sure makes for an Italian Night. Buon Appetito



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