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Steak Man

These hot summer months call for putting steaks on the grill. But what about those of us that don’t have a grill, those of us with tiny apartments that don’t allot us any patio space, do we miss out? No, we can make a good, excuse me, GREAT steak dinner inside! It just takes a little know how and top quality meat. Here is my foolproof steak cooking method:

Get yourself a great steak, don’t go cheap here. You want a top quality, possibly dry aged, bone-in rib-eye, porterhouse, or bone-in strip, about an inch and a quarter thick, with nice marbling. Pull the steak out of the fridge about 15 minutes before you plan to cook it. It’s the perfect amount of time to preheat your oven to 375F, about 190C.

Season your steak liberally with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper, and pat it into the steak with your hand so the seasoning doesn’t just fall off.

Next, heat a large pan on medium high heat with about a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Once it's hot, add a tablespoon of butter, and then lay in the steak. Allow it to caramelize by not moving it for about 2-3 minutes, or until a crust forms and becomes a rich brown color. Flip the steak over and add another pat of butter to the pan to melt. Place one sprig of rosemary and one sprig of tarragon on the steak and spoon the melted butter over the steak and herbs. Immediately put the pan into the oven and cook 6 minutes, for a perfectly rare steak, before removing the pan from the oven. Take the steak out of the pan and place it on a wire rack, or plate, for two to three minutes to allow it to rest. Carve the steak, sprinkle with some nice coarse finishing salt, and serve. Nice work! You deserve a bottle of hearty red wine with your steak. Enjoy.




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