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A Fargo Dinner

Gaear Grimsrud: Where is pancakes house? Carl Showalter: What? Gaear Grimsrud: We stop at pancakes house. Carl Showalter: What... are you nuts? We had pancakes for breakfast. Gotta go to a place I can get a shot and a beer, steak, maybe, not more fuckin' pancakes, c'mon. Every time I watch the movie Fargo the idea of a shot, a beer, and a steak sounds better and better, but I had yet to make it. Steve Buscemi as Carl seems to hit the nail on the head. No more procrastinating. So last night I picked up a few rib eyes, some Bell's Two-Hearted Ale, and Scotch. Pan-seared rare and accompanied by a baked potato, and I was set. And just as I assumed, it was great, a real man's man meal, something to stick to your ribs during this polar vortex we are putting up with. Some of the other ideas in Fargo I don't think I'll follow, like the killing, kidnapping, and forcing bodies into wood chippers; the steak, shot, and beer are more my speed. Happy watching.



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