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The blizzard warnings were sounding. The city took to the stores to get last minute essentials, knowing they were going to be trapped inside for God knows how long. This was the first snowstorm of the year in New York, time to get prepared. I, like everyone else, rushed to stock up on provisions. "Only what you need to survive," they said. So, with that thought lingering in my mind, I filled my basket with just the necessities: oysters, both English and Italian cheeses, grass-fed beef, wine- red,white, and sparkling, duck legs, organic grapefruit, local organic eggs, and wild mushrooms. I braved it through the snow on foot, just barely making it home before the city shut down. I shook off the biting cold and took to the kitchen to prepare my emergency snowstorm meal while New York became blanketed by a thick, white sheet. I just hope I can make it through. My snowstorm emergency meal reads like this:

Choptank and Wellfleet Oysters with C. Greffe Vouvray Brut, Methode Traditionelle

Grass-Fed Beef Burger on a Homemade Brioche Bun, English Cheddar, Caramelized Onions and Wild Mushrooms, Homemade Mayo.



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