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Glace Au Thé Matcha

If you've been keeping up with my blog lately, you may have noticed quite a few recipes using matcha, or Japanese green tea powder. This is for two reasons: first, I was given some as a gift recently, and second, it's really fucking great. So, most recently I made some matcha ice cream in my newly reacquired ice cream machine. It's really pretty simple to make and as I've been told, the best matcha ice cream my invitees have ever had. Glace Au Thé Matcha: 250ml Cream 250ml Milk 120g Sugar, divided 2 Pinches of salt 1t Vanilla extract 6 Egg yolks 1- 1.5 T Matcha, depending on personal taste and strength of your matcha. I use Matcha Shop In a medium sized pot, heat the cream, milk, half of the sugar, salt, and vanilla just until scalded, making sure to stir to dissolve the sugar. As the liquid is heating, whisk together the other half of the sugar with the yolks in a large mixing bowl to combine very well. Then whisk in the matcha. Once the liquid mixture is just scalded, whisk it into the yolks little by little until it is totally incorporated. Pour the mixture back into the pot and heat on medium low while stirring with a rubber spatula until the mixture reaches 85C. Strain your matcha crème anglaise through a sieve into a bowl and cool over an ice bath or in the fridge with plastic wrap directly touching the mixture. Once it is completely cool, churn it in your ice cream machine. Freeze to harden and eat. Mochi, gummies, and fruit make good toppings.



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