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The Europe Tour

Who knew I could tour manage? Me neither. But when my close childhood friend, Wes James, a.k.a. Le Youth, was set to do a two and a half week long European tour, I offered to lend my organizational and planning skills. Pretty much it was my job to keep in contact with the promoters, find out set times and venue details, handle the rider, and organize our travel and hotels. But this job also afforded me the chance to visit lots of cool cities, many of which I had never been to, and to eat in tons of incredible restaurants. Of the many I tried, a few stuck out as the best. Here they are. (Photo from the hotel room in Ibiza pictured )

On the top of the list would be Cera 23 in Barcelona. Nearly

everything we had was spot on and well seasoned. This restaurant highlights Spanish products and serves them in interesting and innovative preparations. Pictured here is a monkfish and cured ham dish with a passionfruit sauce, very delicious. Also, the Galacian ham and potato starter with pine nuts and goji berries was very tasty too.

You can't visit London without doing afternoon tea. I went to Tea and Tattle, which is located in the basement of a bookstore close to the British Museum. This is a more affordable option for afternoon tea, and their crab, avocado, and lemon sandwich is very nice, as well as their scones with assorted jams.

Of all of my meals in Amsterdam, Moeder's was the best. Their authentic Dutch cooking eaten al fresco along the canals or inside in the kitchy decor paired with a Dutch beer makes for an awesome afternoon or evening. For lunch I had beef stew with onions, stewed red cabbage with apples, and seamed potatoes. Very comfort food.

But this tour was about the shows as well. This photo is from the S lottsfjell Festival in Tonsberg, Norway, one of the coolest shows and most beautiful location of the tour. Can't wait to get back there soon.



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