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Love Is Dead

Thought your love would last forever? Well, if you've done as many Parisians and tourists have by writing your name or initials onto a lock along with those of your significant other, then locking it onto the railing of Le Pont des Arts and casting the key into the Seine, then you may have your heart broken along with your lock. This morning, while crossing the bridge, I noticed a crew of city workers cutting off the locks, just to throw them away along with your vow of devotion. Why be so cruel, you ask? Well, with just around 93 metric tons of padlocks adorning the bridge, they are physically crippling it and casting rust from the locks into the Seine, not to mention the countless keys now lying on the bottom of the river. Last Sunday a piece of the bridge even collapsed under the weight, which had to be replaced (photo 2). Because of these problems, other cities have already banned padlocks to be locked onto bridges and other monuments. The trend in Paris is less than ten years old, but has already been captured in several movies and many celebrities have been caught taking part during their visits to Paris, fueling the fire. I mean, if Kim Kardashian is doing it, I need to too!

But, in my expert opinion, instead of locking something to a bridge as a sign of your love and commitment when visiting the city of lights, why not take your lady out for a nice dinner, drink a bottle or two of a luscious Margaux or Pauillac, and head back to the hotel room. Much more romantic compared to a cold steel lock on a bridge with 700,000 others. PS. If you need a tune to go along with the theme of broken love, check out my group's newest video,

Right Out Of Love, by clicking the link!



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